Glass reinforced products are made in the RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) technology through VIP (Vacuum Infusion Process) infusion or HLU (Hand Lay-up). The choice of technology is dictated by parameters such as: batch size, complexity of parts, quality requirements, required precision of workmanship. Regardless of the choice of technology, the production of products is carried out according to a strictly defined recipe. Glass reinforcements are prepared on a CNC plotter. In order to maintain the homogeneity of prepared resin mixtures, they are periodically mixed in mixers.

We have a stock of resins in which we check the temperature and humidity. Our company applies the FEFO principles. After a finished forming stage, products are heated in a chamber. We use gel coat spraying technology. As reinforcements we use various types of technology intensive materials such as: glass reinforcements, sandwich materials, carbon and aramid reinforcements.