The bending process of metal sheets at IM is based on numerically controlled hydraulic bending machines with a maximum pressure of 320 tons and bending line length up to 4m. In addition to the bending machines, we also have rollers with a width of 2,5 m, which can handle sheet metal with a thickness of up to 16 mm. The range of forming services is extended by a numerically controlled hydraulic circle bending rolls. The machine has an operating length of 2600 mm. The maximum thickness of sheet is 6 mm when rolled and 4 mm when bent.

Pressing operations are performed also on eccentric presses with a pressure of 160 tons and hydraulic press with a pressure of 400 tons and bench of 1300x1000 mm.

We also have a profile rolling and bending machine.
The machinery is complemented by a portal press for straightening of welded structures with a pressure of 300 tons and bench of 2545x4000 mm.