Our equipment allows cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets. To this end, we use laser, plasma and oxygen cutting processes. We also have a 3D laser for processing profiles and sections with cross-sections from 12 to 220 mm.

Our largest lasers are equipped with a bench with dimensions of 2500x6500 mm. Using a laser, we are able to cut sheets up to 20 mm thick for carbon steel, 25 mm for stainless steel and 12 mm for aluminum. Plasma and oxygen machines are equipped with benches with dimensions of 2500x6000 mm and allow cutting carbon steel sheets with a maximum thickness of 300 mm. Using a plasma, we are also able to cut stainless steel with a maximum thickness of 40 mm and aluminum with a thickness of up to 20 mm. The machinery of our cutting center is complemented by guillotine shears and band saws.