Project: Volvo 8900
Vehicle type: intercity bus
IM Group Customer: Volvo
Place of delivery: Wrocław (Poland)
End Customer: bus transport service providers worldwide

Supplied systems and components:
front panels: front main panel, front bumpers, headlamp covers, air intake
side housings: side panels, wheel housing covers, radiator hatch
roof housings: cab roof, radiators, flaps
rear panels: rear bumper, engine hatch, window panel, rear cover hatch, rear lamp covers
fuel tank cover, casing wheel housing, display cases, steps
Steel and Aluminum:
middle frame, rear benches, cab roof, wheel arches, mirror supports, seat supports, floor subassemblies, aluminum housings, dashboard frame, engine housing, wheel housings, fuel tank housing, benches, cubby-holes, display cases, handrails, steps, fuel tanks, primary parts